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  Allectra GmbH  iGermanyj@
     Allectra is a reputable European manufacturer and a reliable source of high-quality electrical connectivity and standard vacuum components indispensable to high and ultrahigh vacuum applications. Allectrafs product range includes electrical feedthroughs, vacuum connectors and cables, optical fiber feedthroughs and vacuum compatible optical fiber cables, as well as wide variety of other vacuum parts and components.
  Atlas Bimetal Labs  iUSAj@
 Atlas Bimetal Labs is pioneering development and application of Aluminum vacuum technology, which includes UHV compatible Aluminum welding and explosive bonding of dissimilar metals like Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Atlas bimetal flanges and fittings, Aluminum UHV chambers and many other products are used in prominent research institutions and leading technology companies worldwide.
  ESTCOM CZ oxidová keramika a.s.  iCzech Republicj
 Established in 2004 from division of Elektroporcelán Louny a.s., ESTCOM CZ continues more than 40 years tradition of oxide ceramics manufacturing. Ceramic tubes, capillaries, seal elements, abrasive resistant machine parts such as yarn guides, precision casting cores, crucibles and many other high precision - high quality products are made out of various oxide ceramic materials according to customerfs needs.
  gtf`qc S.A.S.  iFRANCEj
For more than 40 years since 1975, HUGARD s.a.s. accumulated extensive experience in manufacturing high precision small diameter components according to customerfs specifications, mainly for aerospace, medical, telecommunication and defense industries. Parts out of various standard metals such as Copper, Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel as well as difficult to machine materials like Kovar, Alumel, Chromel, Titanium etc. can be produced in range of diameters (0.20 – 16) mm and length (0.20 – 100) mm. Modern, adapted production equipment and flexible structure enable speedy production of competitively high quality, complex parts, in medium and small quantities.

  CRYTUR s.r.o. iCzech Republic j

Based on more than 70 year experience since 1943, CRYTUR s.r.o. provides integrated single crystal solutions, including growth of laser and scintillator, sapphire and other crystals, crystal cutting and machining, polishing, coating, assembling of components and final instruments. Main products include laser rods and optical elements, scintillators, sapphire profiles, as well as detector and imaging equipment.
   SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o. iCzech Republic j
Established in 2000, SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o. designs and manufactures diffusion, LP and PE-CVD batch furnaces for semiconductor and photovoltaic industry, as well as for research and development. Proprietary process control system can be used for both new and refurbished equipment. Ultra-pure gas delivery systems, exhaust gas scrubbers and other accessories are manufactured as well. Outstanding performance of the delivered equipment is secured by high quality of selected components and long term experience of the company engineers in semiconductor industry.

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