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Product Information
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 •  Vacuum Electrical Connectivity 
     [Allectra GmbH]
  - Kapton insulated wires and cables; 
  - SMA、BNC、D-sub and other types of
     vacuum connectors and feedthroughs; 
  - materials, tools and accessories;
 •  Vacuum Temperature Measurement
     and Control      [Allectra GmbH]
  -  thermocouple wires and feedthroughs; 
  -  Pt resistance thermometers;
  -  Kapton foil and ceramic heaters;
 •  Vacuum Chambers, Hardware, Fitting
      [Allectra GmbH] 
  -  CF,KF,ISO flanges and hardware;
  -  all metal valves, Viton sealed valves;
  -  accessories (clamps, bolts, gaskets);
  -  pressure burst discs;
 •  Bimetal and Aluminium Vacuum Chambers
      [Atlas Bimetal Labs, Inc.]
  -  bimetal (Aluminium - Stainless Steel etc.)
     CF flanges and fittings;
  -  Aluminium UHV chambers;

 •  Other Vacuum Materials & Components 
      [Allectra GmbH, ESTCOM CZ] 
  -  insulation tubes, ceramic insulators & breaks;

  -  solders & fluxes, glues, greases;
  -  plastic & ceramic parts;
 •  Vacuum Optical Connectivity
     [Allectra GmbH] 
  -  optical fiber cables and feedthroughs;
  -  viewports;

 •  Vacuum Motion Products
      [Allectra GmbH]  
  -  stepping motors;

  -  manipulators, wobble sticks;

  -  motion feedthroughs and drives;

 •  Other Related Products 
  -  Silicon crystals for X-ray optics
      (in cooperation with Polovodiče a.s.);
  -  connectivity for X-ray, VUV detectors
   (Silicon photodiodes, in cooperation with
       Rad Device Co.,Ltd.);

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